Work & Faith

A couple days ago, my friend invited me to a “party”. OK, she didn’t call it a party, I did. I was told there would be people and food. That’s about all I needed to know. This party was more of a gathering of young Christian adults. And there was food. This is important to…

I See You

The other day my best friend and I were doing a workout at Townlake. Townlake is this big beautifully scenic/ sketchy lake in the middle of the city surrounded by trees and a good 4 miles of trail. In a city like Austin, it’s easier to see more trees of color than people of color….

When Other People Win

It sucks when other people win. Come on. It sucks. It’s hard to be happy for other people when you aren’t happy. It takes a serious amount of maturity and humility and strength to not only not be a sore loser but actively celebrate other people’s victories. Don’t nobody wanna do that. But I did….

Our Trip To PARIS!

BONJOUR! I’m moving to Paris. I can’t speak the language or anything, but I’ve made up my mind. I moving. Goodbye America! I bid you adieu. This is my new favorite city. I know I said I was moving to Amsterdam. Paris changed all that. The best food of my life with the exception of…

How to Recover from Traveling

Traveling is fun and all until you return home and have to apply gobs of conditioner to your damaged hair, multi-mask your skin, and sleep 24 hours… wait, actually that sounds pretty good. No, wait, it’s not all fun and games. You also have to unpack, do laundry, get to work on time, and attend to all…

Green & Gold Makeup

I don’t do makeup. Really. I love makeup. I just do not know how to do it very well. This day I was kinda bored and full of energy, so I did my makeup. And now, you all get to see what a mess that looks like. I’m honestly hoping to get better. If you…

My Year in 4 Minutes

2016. Dang, man. We lost  Prince, Ali, R2-D2 AND Princess Leia. #STARSWARSFAN. We (the “royal we” or maybe the pluralis modestiae. Either way not me specifically, I did my part) elected Donald Trump…as president…of like the USA. You might be tempted to say 2016 SUCKED. I’ll admit there were too many trying times in 2016. As I…

Let’s Do Good

I want to move forward. I want to make our country a better place for people like me and people not like me. I no longer want to be angry or disappointed. I don’t want to feel like an outsider. I don’t want to make others feel like outsiders. So here’s what I am going…

Tulum: Year 2 of Marriage

When I was younger, I thought, like many people, the story ends at marriage. Happily ever after. We’re done. Close the book. I thought the goal was to get married. Once you find that perfect person, the one who makes you so happy you can’t breathe, nothing else would matter. Everything falls into place with your true soulmate….

6 Outfit Ideas for Fall

Everyone in Texas is confused. It’s still crop tops and shorts season. Shout out to the scarf wearer in 110 degree temps! You are my hero!

My Morning Routine

Every morning I wake up to the soothing sounds of a Sentimental Mood, a chef prepared breakfast, an onsite masseuse, and all these other lies.