Pretty in Pink

I dont know about you but…work wear should not be boring. If you have to wear pencil skirts, blazers, button-downs, and slacks dont feel it has to be a drag. Seriously…. seriously I have 7 colored pencils skirts for this exact reason! Honestly, I dont even know if I should be mentioning this but, I only have one black pencil skirt and it’s COTTON!!! ( shame) I’m lucky though, often my office is business causual but, if I have meetings coming up Im sure to dress the part.

This looks screams “I’m still girly” and I can pull off a professional day of work…. (note: skip the flats if you are meeting other professionals, I know, I know but go ahead and slip on those high heels, girl).

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  1. Awesome! I just came across your blog today, it’s GREAT! I also see your live in Austin. I’m from there, but live in Dallas now. I often go to Austin! LOVE this combination.

    1. nchanel says:

      Thank you my dear Texas friend!

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