Back To School Style Ideas

The 6am alarm goes off and it’s that time again… the dreaded, less anticipated, first day of school. I am actually out of school (UT Alumna circa 2009) but…… maybe not for good.

Subconscious: Still holding on to those Grad School dreams huh?

Me: Uh, yes. I am dusting off my GRE book so get off my back!

I’ve watched a good number of my friends including my boyfriend achieve post graduate success. I wonder now, do I have what it takes? Is it worth it? Does it matter? I often question myself… I am chasing status…. blah blah blah let’s get down the the style of it all. I’ll leave my existentialism for another blog, another day.

Those of you pondering outfits in your closet, half sleep, still hoping for summer… here is a 5 day what to wear for your first week of school.

back to school tag
back to school
back to school
back to school
back to school
Here are some basics:
  1. Colored Jeans
  2. Printed Skirt
  3. Leather Shorts
  4. Gingham
  5. Animal Print shoes
  6. Printed Dress
  7. Oh… you may also need a backpack……meh

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