Fall’s “Wine-y” new Color- Oxblood

Get it? whiney- wine-y? Ahhh.
Anyway, this color, Oxblood, is everywhere, but I kinda hate that I wrote “new”. I mean how many times have we seen this color? Every fall she and her deeply pigmented friends Emerald Green and Bourbon Brown show their faces at Basic Black’s Halloween party. These colors aren’t new. They are the play things of some highbrow fashion figure head and yet, I need these skinny jeans in this color! (shame)

Oxblood Color of Fall 2012

Thanks to New York Fashion Week my life has been filled with inspiration. More to come….

Love ya!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. ellendircks says:

    Love this color 🙂 goes very well together with grey. I am also going for the army green this fall.

  2. BeautyNTheBrains says:

    Hi hun please send me your mailing address to beautynthebrains@hotmail.com you won the august favorites contest on my blog last month! Congrats!

  3. I agree with the first comment – this colour works well with grey and black too and is a very warm and chic colour for fall. The first dress here with the leather is my favorite, a little bit of opulence as we move towards the winter.


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