“Leather” and Oxblood

Well guys, I metaphorically killed a whole cow for this outfit. Not to worry though, the faux leather detail atop the black shirt is simply that, faux and I certainly don’t think the designers of these skinnys sacrificed the blood of a real ox for this dye.
To that note, I caved and bought fall’s hot color. See why below…


I went to JC Penny yesterday just to scope the scene and I saw these jeans. Humoring myself I tried them on and saw that the price was $20. Color of the season in my size for the right price. Score. THEN I got to register… they rang up for the clearance price of $7!! Yes, $7! Perfect new pair of jeans for $7. #GodBlessAmerica I also got the shirt from JCP and it was only $18.



I hope your weekend was amazing.


Ps: Don’t I look like  a total “badass” in these colors? Something about the leather look makes me feel that way. Meh…

Here’s to a great Monday.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this shirt and the outfit. What a steal!

    1. nchanel says:

      Thank you! totally got lucky on that one.

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