Teacher Friendly Style

Any full skirt and cardigan mix makes me feel like a teacher… Is that crazy? I mean not in the tedious lesson planning, hours of grading, and well, teaching way. It’s more like what I would imagine a teacher feels like when she is in her closet in the early morning before the dread of 20-30 darling-devil children break the silence of the peace.


Speaking of peace, recently, I went through somewhat of a transformation, a purging of sorts, stripping myself of the old. This is literal. Yes, I cleaned and re-organized my closet. Got rid of things I did not need, old things, things that didn’t fit, past trends, styles that were not my own. I nix’d the style that held me back and kept me from being my true self. This is also metaphorical. Style isn’t buying the fanciest, most expensive, trendiest stuff– that you could just call ‘fashion’. Style is an extension of oneself. In college, my style was whatever my friends thought was cute and cool. As I became more confident and comfortable with what I chose to wear, I became more of the person I wanted to be and thus more true to myself and my style reflects that.20121112-223616.jpg


Hence, out with the old! Purge your closet and yourself of stuff that just isn’t you anymore. Trust me, it’s worth it. You will not only feel like every piece in your closet is perfect for you but every piece should bring you a little more peace.20121112-223630.jpg

Ps: if you guys want tips on how to purge your closet and find your personal style comment below. 🙂20121112-223611.jpg

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  1. Love this look, I know what you mean about feeling like a teacher! I do that all the time!

    Please come check out my blog “Sable’s Trousseau” I would love to know what you think about my latest outfit post!

    By the way you are super gorgeous!


    1. nchanel says:

      Thanks Sable!
      Ps: checked out your blog, Daylight Savings times gets the best of us! Good stuff!


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