I’m Just Peachy

This is completely random but, do you guys watch The Parenthood? Every time I watch that show, I am touched. It’s literally one of  the best shows on television right now. Any who, this outfit seems so out of place as I type this right now! GRR. It’s so much colder than when I took these pictures last weekend. Doesn’t matter, what you really want to know is why I’m just “Peachy” about this get up. See below…
Just ignore my scowl and note:

Shoes and Peach Color Pants (Target $12, $10) Shirt (Old Navy $18) Necklace (Strut $15)  Yup, whole outfit under $50! Add to that the fact that colored pants, and animal print are so hot and, you have girl on a budget on cloud nine.  Hence, I’M JUST PEACHY.  All links are similar; sorry ya’ll I caught the sale.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tiana says:

    Ah, stop it right now! You are flawless and gorgeous and all of the above.
    I love the peach pants. You styled them effortlessly. And you just are rocking it all!

    tiana of l’esthetique

  2. fashionerrd says:

    I love the peach pants and you really took the outfit to the next level with those gorge cheetah pumps. And the fact that it was all inexpensive…win!! You look lovely, pretty lady, scowl and all.


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