That’s Tight(s)

Remember in high school (time-frame ?) when “That’s tight” was the THE phrase of the year. You saw a really fly Trapper Keeper… That’s tight. You got an extra Fruitopia from the vending machine for free… That’s tight. You “missed” the bus and caught a ride with your friend in her new car… That’s tight. I could go on and on; however, I’m really just trying to show you how I played with that pun. *tapes nerd glasses*

I love these burgundy tights from Target. They add the right amount of color and take this outfit to the next level. Not to mention, this dress is super short so, they also add a little modesty

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Thank Goodness. I miss my family and friends so much. This is literally the one time of year minus Christmas thatI get to see everyone and spend some QT.

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  1. lycly says:

    So cute! I love how you added the scarf for more color – and those bracelets…adorable.

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