A Lesson in Layers…


I’ll admit, sometimes I can take it overboard with layers. I’ll start to look a little bulky and that’s no fun. If weather permits, I like to pile it up! Cue that cute little kid from A Christmas Story. For the longest, I thought layers were only good for super skinny girls who had the room to pull it off. After a while, I threw in the towel and started layering. It was a HOT mess. Hence, it was time for me to take a lesson in layering. Come, learn with me…
layers2 If done properly, you and I will look more like a smart and perfectly styled beauty and less like a pig in a blanket, wrapped in a cardigan, and dipped in a sweater vest.

When layering, it’s best to go light. Here, I started off with a light printed tank. Then I added a light brown cardigan. Next, I added a medium weight military style coat.

Let’s not stop there. I added a heavier sweater- like vest. This is about it for me. This is where I am comfortable. Well, maybe I’ll add a scarf, gloves, some jewelry… okay then I’m done. 🙂

Here are some tips:

Think light and complimentary layers.

Have fun. Add textures, mix prints, and throw on accessories, jewelry, and a bag. There are no rules here. I’ve made and still make a ton of style mistakes. That’s the beauty of finding your personal style. Find what speaks to you and take it off the hanger.

Lastly, do a mirror check. Ask your mirror, “Hey, do I look bulky?” When you start to feel like you are wearing half your closet… it’s time to rethink.

Ps: I’m interested to know what your layering do’s and don’ts are. Tell me in the comments below.

Happy layering my loves,


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  1. caroline1t says:

    Oh, layering yup that’s my issue as well. I keep trying but things often look bulky so I try to keep different lengths and that seems to work pretty well. This is great, thanks!

  2. caoimhynn says:

    I wear layers all the time, it’s a lot more convenient to me since here (Belgium/Europe) it can get pretty cold, and then you can choose whether you cant to remove one layer or more and still look stylish with each layer you remove/put on. 😉

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