DIY: Valentine’s Pom Poms

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We are only 2 days away!! Valentine’s Day is seriously one of my favorite Holidays. It used to suck for me… that’s a different story for a different blog. Sunday, I went to another Camille Styles and Anthropologie Valentine’s DIY event with my friend Cristina from Fuji Files (check her out). It was really fun. Good food, delicious drinks, and a little crafty time with a bunch of girls. I just loved it.

We made these little pom-pom bouquets. They are so sweet and girlie. I think they are a great gift to  give your girlfriends, mom, or sister for V-Day. I didn’t see this exact DIY on the site just yet, but Camille Styles has a ton of DIYs. If you guys are interested you can check them out here. They are super easy to make. All you will need is yarn, a hot glue gun, some decorative ribbon, scissors, and a few  spray painted twigs…. oh a little Valentine’s candy and champagne helps too!

If you want to see how these are made keep reading…

Ps: I am still working on that huge Naturally Curly product review for my “curlies.” If you like my hair in these pics (as much as I do anyway), I believe I used a cocktail of products and actually twisted my hair. More on that later.

Love YA!

Pick a few twigs. They will serve as the stems of your flowers, so make good picks.

Spray paint them white… or whatever color you desire. Let it dry.

Take your yarn and cut a small piece about the length of your index finger. Set it aside.

Take some more yarn and wrap it around your fingers (2, 3,or 4 fingers– the more fingers you wrap the yarn around the larger it will be) about 50-60 times. Cut it from the bundle.

Take your index finger length piece and weave it through your yarn wrapped fingers.

Tie a double knot around the wrapped yarn while it’s still on your fingers. It should look like a bow.

Once knotted, slide it off your fingers and cut through the loops.

Cute and shape the pom-pom to your liking.

Heat the hot glue gun. Once it’s ready, glue one pom-pom to one painted twig. Repeat until you get the right number for your bouquet.

Add a decorative ribbon to hold the bouquet together and enjoy!

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