Skirting A Spring Fling


SP1.jpg SP2.jpg SP3 SP4.jpg

I’ve been loving peplum and full flare skirts. Peplum has been on trend for a while, and I think it might still be worth it to bring that flirty feminine shape into spring. If peplum isn’t for you, a full flare skirt is another fun and girly option. You can’t go wrong with these two. Peplum skirts are good for when you are feeling really pretty. Full skirts are good for twirling. I mean, they are probably good for other things as well, but who knows. Just feel like a princess for a day and go for a spin already, gosh.

All four of these awesome skirts were made by my wonderful friend Unyime of U4U Designs. If you’ve been a follower for a bit then, you’ve seen her work before here. I actually own the top one c/0 U4U Designs! It’s SOOOO pretty if you guys follow me on Instagram, I wore it to the TxStyle Council event at Langford Market during #SXSW. Unyime is such a talented, passionate and giving person. All of her designs provide opportunities for underprivileged African tailors. It’s my personal belief that fashion and design are for everyone, no matter the class or location.

With that said, I’m sooooo ready for the temps to get a little higher than 65, PLEASE! I’m so going to regret writing this when it gets to 110. 😦



Oh P.S: Did you guys see my feature on What?! check it out here. #thethrill

4 Comments Add yours

  1. lalovesblog says:

    Those peplum skirts look adorable on you!

  2. lycly says:

    I looove these skirts!! The green one with the diamond pattern is AMAZING!! Do they have a place you can buy them online?

  3. Pretty Spring outfits!

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