Tribal Sunburst



Hello dolls,
One more day til Vegas!! I can’t wait. Do you want to live it with me? I might take so many pictures it will feel like you are along for the trip. Anyway have you guys seen that documentary First Position? It is sooo good. It’s on Netflix; if you have it, add it to your queue. Like, right now. No, seriously, finish reading my blog then go add it to your queue. How cute were Aran, Gaya, and Miko? I just fell in love with all those dancers. Ballet dancers have the most beautiful bodies. So graceful, delicate, and elegant. I was seriously watching it and dancing the whole time. Reliving childhood memories in spite of my bum knee.

I started photos for a new curly hair diary post. Sorry it’s taking so long. It should be up next week. Also a lot of you commented on my Instagram about how long my hair is when it is straight. My hair will be straight for Vegas, and I might do a how-to on my straight hair later.

Love ya tons!


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