Viva Las Vegas

2DSC_2327Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been in Vegas!! I’m back now, and I figured I’d break the rule and share a little of what happened in Vegas. I won’t share it all, but these are exclusive pictures I didn’t post on Instagram. 🙂 Here’s to waking up in Vegas, thanks Katy Perry. DSC_2358We stayed at the Encore. It was pretty amazing. Huge red chandeliers, colorful butterflies, and very Gaudi inspired mosaic titles everywhere. Plus, the staff were ridiculously perfect. I loved that hotel. DSC_2396That’s my Fiancé! 🙂 DSC_2391“You probably get this a lot. This isn’t the real Caesar’s palace is it?… Umm, did Caesar live here?”— If you can’t get this movie quote…. you don’t deserve the movies. You don’t even deserve laughter.DSC_2363 1DSC_2437I mean…. the CMAs were there but, how cool is that Cowboy hat? TEXAS takes VEGAS!! #hookemhorns 1DSC_2445At the Bellagio, on set of Ocean’s 11… Brad and the guys were on break. No big deal. (cheesy)DSC_2464 1DSC_2469Being a kid in a candy store at Sugar. DSC_2472Just a few pics. I know, this is more of a personal style blog but, I threw in some lifestyle so you guys can get to know a little bit about me outside of what I wear and my hair.

Love Chanel





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