OOTD:1 Metallic Skirt 3 Ways- Style One

1IMG_8821It’s MAY!!! Do you know what that means?! It means I’ve almost hit a full year of blogging. This is a huge accomplishment for me seeing as I literally give up on projects in like a few months. I found that I really enjoy blogging. I feel like it has helped me gain confidence, better my writing, meet new friends, and just overall helped me express myself in a fun and creative way. May 21st will be my official year mark. Hoot. Hoot. I am planning a special GIVEAWAY on that date for all you lovely followers! I really appreciate you all, and I hope to show you that through this awesome giveaway. May also happens to be a pretty amazing month for my friends and family. My mother’s birthday is May 9th, and around the corner from that is Mother’s day (lucky mom). Cinco De Mayo is the birthdate of one of my best friends. Also, this May, two of my other really amazing friends are graduating from graduate school. Go Mom, Imani, Lauren, and Olivia!! IMG_8795 IMG_8812Hence this sparkly metallic outfit is my tribute to celebrations. This outfit reminds me of champagne, a New Year’s Eve party, and a girl who just doesn’t care about the rules! 🙂 IMG_8803 IMG_8790 IMG_8809Ps: I wanted to challenge myself to post every day in May because it’s my year mark, but then I thought about it. Then I thought about it some more. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be a fair compromise. Ha! Blame it on the laziness. Be on the look out for the GIVEAWAY later this month. More details to come!



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  1. nchanel says:

    Thank you Mariah! After a few photo bombers made me feel a little silly I thought about calling it quits. Ha ha I realized I just had to get over my fear and be shameless. I don’t know your story, but never give up! One year feels good.

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