Curly Hair Diaries: My Favorite Curly Vloggers

I have an obsession. A sick, overwhelming, can’t stop watching, on three-peat obsession with beauty and hair vloggers on YouTube. Ya’ll it’s so bad I set up a makeshift holder for my iPhone in the shower to watch as I wash my hair. Please, judge me. It’s that bad. I haven’t missed one video. Not kidding. Please, tell me if I need a real life. I think I do. I’m actually kinda flushed with embarrassment writing this right now. Anyway, these ladies are my top favorite vloggers on YouTube. You should check them out and join me in my obsession.

Shameless Maya


Yes, she cut her curly hair off, but those videos still bring me life. She is so inspirational too. Positive vibes will be caught from watching her videos.

Sunkissed Alba


I mean… this girl is beyond beautiful and those curls…. Check out her transformation. I would start at her first curly hair video. You can really tell the difference from then til now. Trust the process people. She has tons of styling tutorials too. Mix it up!

It’s My Raye Raye


She is just funny. I don’t know why. Maybe because she seems so real. We have different hair types, but whatevs, it is still good to watch what she uses.

Andrea’s Choice


Who doesn’t love Andrea? Just stop it! Her twin sister Brittany has a slightly different texture. Well, at least from what I can tell. She is really entertaining.

I’d love to hear from you all! Which YouTube Vloggers do you love? Let me know in the comments.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Brittany says:


  2. I have the same obsession and it’s ridiculous. I’m so happy that someone else out there watches youtube during showers and I also during breakfast, doing my hair or make up and just simple 24-7. I love your vlog and your style.

    Here are a few of my favorite on YT.
    1. fusionofcultures
    2. JustKellee
    3. mahoganycurls
    4. backsyncfan
    5. Ericafae
    6. heyfranhey
    7. haircrush
    8. msariella89
    9. msvaughntv
    10. pgneiicey

    I also recently started a blog
    I am new to the blog world and thoroughly enjoy every aspect of it.


  3. Selam says:

    omg those are all of my favorites too lol

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