OOTD:1 Metallic Skirt 3 Ways- Style Three

IMG_8915Last one!  This is actually way more my style. I love to pair something casual with something girly or dressy. Easy. Chill. Fun.IMG_8910 IMG_8914 IMG_8919 IMG_89121

Hi Guys!!! I’m sending you all positive vibes today! When it seems like nothing is changing for the better and things are going awry left and right, right then, dig your heels in, muster up the courage and faith to smile and thank God for everything in your life.  Do good to people even and especially when they are not being nice to you. You will see your day go from zero to hero.  Good things are happening to me and I could not be more ready. Its more personal growth, owning my future, and defining joy in everyday life. I hope to share the good news with you all soon. Here’s  to high hopes, faith, and good things all around.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mariah says:

    Wow. I love this look. It’s somewhere in that magical place between dressed up and dressed down.

    1. nchanel says:

      Thank you Mariah!

    1. nchanel says:

      Thanks Alpha girl!

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