Curly Hair Diaries: Samy Fat Curls Review

DSC_2764Hey Guys!! Today, I’m reviewing Samy Fat Curls! I got these little babies C/O the sweet ladies over at According to the FatCurls site the products are formulated with Taurine to repair hair damage and restore moisture, and Macadmia Seed Oil to protect from heat damage and provide shine. I received the Curl Enhancing Crème, Curl Creating Mousse, Curl Defining Gel, and the Curl Reactivating Spray (in order, Left to Right, Top to Bottom).fatcollageI should say first, I did not like the colors on packaging. These colors remind me of a fast food chain. That honestly has nothing to do with my review of the actual product, but it just bothered me. Ha! Picky. Picky. Nikki. Anyway, I’m a crazy huge fan of curl crèmes. So, when I saw this one, I had to try it first. I tried all the products a few times in different ways and combinations. I liked the curl crème the most when used alone. I did not care for the mousse. Mousse just seems real old school. You know, that extra crunchy, shiny, stringy curl? Uh-uh. That’s not for me. Also the curl reactivating spray did NOTHING for me. I think it’s a close cousin to the She Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Moisture Mist. Basically, sprays with a big claim and little to offer. All the products have the same scent. It was nice; it was not too strong. DSC_2739So… What did I think? I can dig the Curl Enhancing Crème and the Curl Defining Gel. Those were cool. Now, the product line is priced around $8. Not a splurge. You decide if it’s worth it. I would say not. Not a huge fan. Though, let’s be real, I will be mixing and combining these products with a ton of other stuff. Call me a chemist. I shall find the perfect match for these guys. If you have tried the Samy Fat Curls line, let me know what you think.DSC_27421Ps: This is Day 4 hair with the Samy Fat Curls Products. I think. I can’t remember. Could be Day 5. It’s frizzy, dry, and a little nappy-fied. This girl needs a little conditioner (I miss you Eulcence). Just a note, I do not expect a product to work to perfection after Day 3. I mean, come on guys….



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  1. Ahhh you inspire me so much to rock the curly look! I’ve been debating on it forever.

  2. nicki says:

    Can u please! Please! Pleaseeeeee! Do a post on confidence!!.. I’m about a month and a half into my natural curly hair journey & I’m feeling horrible!! 😦 when my hairs straight, I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.. but, this natural hair journey has really pulled up some childhood insecurity. I feel like I’m not pretty enough with my hair curly, and when I wear it in pictures, all I can think is how beautiful the pic would be if my hair were straight!! 😦 this feels so horrible, I just wanna feel as beautiful as I do with my hair curly, as I do when its straight. Did u struggle with these feelings? Do u still? How did u deal? Are u mixed? How about dating do u feel prettier with ur hair curly or straight on a date, or does it matter?

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