Floral Street Style






You know what’s great? Catching up with a really good friend. This past weekend I caught up with my college bestie, Imani. We ate more than we should have. YouTubed dances we vowed to learn.  Laughed til it hurt. Fell asleep under the stars at Zilker Hillside Theater. And relived childhood fun on bikes and roller blades.  We were  immediately reminded that no matter how young we feel, WE are not 10 anymore. Which brings me to this floral pant… (wait for it). Unlike real flowers, the printed ones on this pant don’t age. If, perhaps, they complain about wrinkles… you can simply iron them out.

Imani, Chanel, and these floral pants are “Forever Young” (hope she gets this Jay reference).

Full circle. I know.

Love ya,


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