It’s A Jungle Out There…


IMG_0676 IMG_0682 IMG_0684 IMG_0686

Hopefully, this can be your break from almost EVERY bloggers’ coverage of NYFW. Literally, my whole reader is filled with runway models in the latest designs. Am I the only one annoyed by it? How many posts can I read on the Spring DVF line before I want to shoot my computer?

I just spent the past few days in New York covering Fro Fashion Week for Although, I missed the major shows for NYFW in Manhattan, I had an amazing time in Brooklyn meeting natural bloggers, vloggers, designers, models etc. It was an overwhelming, inspirational, and exhausting experience which, I can’t wait to do again.

Here’s to hoping you can get thru the blogging jungle of NYFW….

Ps. peep the monkeys and birds on my shirt.

love ya

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  1. lalovesblog says:

    What a great fall outfit!!

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