New York State of Mind


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Swimming in Lake Travis  with friends yesterday felt like a movie scene from Now and Then, or better, My Girl.  It was the overwhelming feeling of young free  fun (minus the over dramatic pivotal plot points)  that seems so nostalgic it could not be obtained in the now. You have to be taken back in time to really enjoy it. I “aggressively” loved and chased little ducklings, who swam much faster than I in the cool Texas water. I danced to 90’s hits with my co-workers, and munched on burgers and hot dogs without regard for calories. It felt like living in the last days of summer. We don’t really know what season it is in Texas. We’re kinda stuck in time. I love Texas… but here’s to New York. I snagged this cap after my little work trip to the BK.

Happy Friday.

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  1. chenellej24 says:

    You’re so adorable! I’ve always wanted to try a fitted cap over my curls, thanks for the inspiration! So Queen Bey-ish!!!

  2. ndstr says:

    gorgeous hair & the street femme pairings

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