Seeing it, Again (and Again)

DSC_3923 DSC_3929 DSC_3931 DSC_3932 DSC_3941 DSC_3945

I’m putting things I love on repeat and seeing them again and again. I have a few favorite pieces in my closet that I wear ALL the time, like this skirt and this shirt.

Speaking of seeing things…. these photos were actually shot in my DREAM neighborhood! Just walking around it made me feel like was on my way home. I LOVE this area of Austin. I cannot wait to move into this hood. M and I usually drive to our favorite places and joke about moving into “that fancy house on corner.” We talk about what life would be like if we lived there. I firmly believe that if you can envision yourself living out the life you dream  it will happen for you. You need a vision. You need to see it happening in your life again and again. They say seeing is believing. I have so much hope when I walk around my dream neighborhood. It’s so easy to get lost and imagine myself swinging from that 100 year old tree, gardening in the slightly perfect lawn, and re-painting that yellow door. It’s going to happen. I know it, because (spoiler alert) I’ve already seen it.

What are you hoping for? Can you see yourself with it?

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