Our Wedding Photos + 3 Things I Learned That Day


It rained on my wedding day. I was so nervous. It was outdoors and we couldn’t move it in. I thought, “I’m gone slip. Who slips on their wedding day?” But God. The rain stopped as I made my way down the aisle, and the sun came out when we kissed. It was perfect. If our wedding day is a metaphor for our marriage, then I know even when things are dark and gloomy, in just a little while we will be living in the sunshine. That’s lesson #1.






The wedding day is a big deal for the guy too. He will have demands opinions and things he wants for this special day that you might not like. This is lesson #2. M asked to take the mac and cheese off the menu for a fancy smancy pea risotto. I really wanted that mac and cheese, but getting married means sometimes you gotta compromise. Give up something (no matter how amazing) for the greater good.





Lesson #3: It’s okay to be led. I know. I know. Women Rule. Who run  the world? Girls! #GirlBoss #LeanIn. BUT I CAN’T DANCE THOUGH. I know M can. He is so coordinated. I don’t have to fake it or force it. With him leading me, I know I won’t fail.






Okay….the title might be mis-leading. These few are by no means ALL of our wedding photos. We have hundreds, but I’m not even gone do that to you. See, I respect your time. However, if you and some more people want me to post more photos I could be convinced break them down by ceremony, reception, portraits, etc etc.

I’d love you tell you more about my wedding. How to plan, budget, shop, DIY, when to ask for help, etc. We paid for our wedding ourselves. I’m proud to say we had an amazing wedding, and we did it debt free. So if you want more of that… let me know in the comments. 

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  1. Augh! This was just too beautiful!

  2. we want more! we want more!!!

  3. tarahsaint says:

    Wow, God bless you guys! This is beautiful. I love how the bridal party isn’t wearing the same dress.

  4. more more more more more more more

  5. more more more more more more more more

  6. Lauren J. says:

    More please! This is absolutely beautiful!!!! God bless your union!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! Congrats!

  8. Pandu says:

    More more. Plus details of how you planned it.

    1. nchanel says:

      Details on planning coming soon! For more photos check out my WEDDING section. I’ll be adding our video there soon. 🙂

  9. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Looks like it was an incredible wedding. ❤


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