4 Things That Will Happen If Parenthood Doesn’t End Right

source: http://www.tv.com/shows/parenthood/community/post/parenthood-final-season-poster-reveals-141037330138/
source: http://www.tv.com/shows/parenthood/community/post/parenthood-final-season-poster-reveals-141037330138/


I’m a BIG fan of Parenthood. Huge. I’d like to think that I am actually one of the Bravermans. I’d of course be the chocolate kind via Jasmine and Crosby. That’s okay. I’ll get in where I fit in. I’ve followed the show from binge watching seasons one through three on Netflix to playing this evil NBC waiting game. Having to watch each episode live WITH commercials. That is true dedication. Now, in season six, after years and years of joy, let down, despair, hope, borderline depression, and excitement, these writers are doing the absolute most to hurt me. WHY?! Because they can. Because they are evil and have no heart. I liken these writers and yes EPs Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Jason Katims to those guys who pick on harmless little kids who just want to get ice cream, cuddle puppies, and sing songs. We, as fans, must decide how much we are willing to take. Joel and Julia are getting divorced, maybe. Did he sign the papers or not? That douche  guy Chris she’s been hanging out with keeps appearing on the show for some reason. It’s getting annoying. Max and his unrequited love. This is kinda funny, yet kinda sad. Crosby and Adam might lose the Luncheonette. Kristina needs more help at that school, or she’s gonna lose it. I mean the woman is a cancer surviver. She can take a lot, but come on. Amber and this baby. Will she ever get a real job? Seriously, how is she providing for herself? Stupid Sarah (aka Lorelai Gilmore) and her flaky relationships. Her character never changes. Also, where’s Haddie? Anybody seen Haddie lately? Oh, let us not forget Zeke. Zeke might die. Die! They are going to kill him off, which means if there were ever going to be a reunion there won’t be a Zeke. So, in a desperate effort to save myself from complete meltdown in 2015, I am doing 4 simple things should the show end disastrously.

  1. Cry. Weep actually. Just going to let it all out. Get a good cathartic release. Everyone should do this. Play some music and let it go. I have some selections for you if you’re interested. Of which, yes, Sia, Coldplay, Bon Iver, and Hillsong United will be part.
  2. Write the writers. I’m not talking about a bad Yelp review. I’m talking a hand written note expressing all the feels that I have about this show. Maybe a few suggestions on how the show should have ended. If that doesn’t work, then I will move to more aggressive tactics. Maybe I’ll write a scathing letter of all the writers’ secrets, closeted affairs, or a time they cheated on a test. Anything will do. Maybe a few suggestions for which countries to move, because let’s face it, what they are doing is purely un-American.
  3. Hope for a movie to right all the wrongs. Yes, there was already a stupid movie made, but that was in ’89!! Who was even around at that time? Not me! Okay, I was, but I was a toddler. I didn’t know any better. Not only that, but that white family was the Buckmans. I doubt they were as authentic and relatable as the Bravermans. This white family needs their OWN movie. Side-note: y’all remember that other ‘parenthood’ show called The Parenthood staring black actors? They didn’t make it. So we must root for this one.
  4. Create a fan fiction alternative ending or sequel. This is my last resort, but one I would be more than willing to do.  I’ve already spent hours planning and writing what will happen in the characters lives should things go awry with this current and final season. My fan fiction will follow the expected and appropriate course and have a real means of egress. For starters, Haddie will have real role and appear in more than one episode per season. Amber will struggle being a single parent, finding love and forming a career. I just realized how tough writing can be. Never mind.

Here’s to a few mo’ episodes in 2015. Let’s hold hands and watch together shall we?

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  1. I can’t read this for fear of spoilers but I just want you to know… I was here.

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