10 Reasons Younger Brothers Are BETTER

bb3If you’ve ever encountered him before you’ve had the pleasure of meeting me, you would FOR SURE think my little brother towering over me at an intimidating 6’7  is the older sibling. You, my dear oblivious friend, would be wrong.  There’s this really neat  Buzzfeed listicle on the “joys” of having an older brother. I’m here to say that is #Overrated. I am here to contend that having a younger brother is one of the single GREATEST things to happen in family. Despite this suspicious story, having a little brother, at least one like mine, is ah-mazing.

These are the 10 reason why having a younger brother rocks. Cause ‘duh’ doesn’t seem to satisfy as an appropriate answer.


  1.   He will always have your back. They don’t need to understand the situation or know all the details. They just know you are right and that’s it. Older brothers are too wise and tend to offer advice that can counter your feelings. Wise or not, young brothers will have your back.IMG_0568
  2. If you get in trouble, you can blame it on him. This might become null and void when over used, so use caution. Like a get out of jail free card, when I got in trouble, I blamed it on my little brother and got off scot-free. I can’t say an older brother would allow for this to happen. Sorry little brother-that gummy rat that got stuck to the ceiling of the living room was all my fault.IMG_0159
  3. They teach you to be a little uncompromising. Denzel got everything!!! Not that my sister and I struggled, but Denzel excelled. He is the youngest and he is a boy. He always got what he wanted. I’d like to think it’s because he never compromised. Whether it was a pout, a solid argument, or lengthy non-rational reasoning, you eventually gave in to his demands. Older brothers only get what’s given to them, which is usually responsibility and accountability. No one wants that.168970_10100469274067880_4839601_n
  4. They are protective. Age doesn’t matter. My little brother doesn’t play games. You will be vetted. You will be interrogated. You will be intimated. If he likes you, you are loved and a brothers love is tantamount to eating ice cream and the calories not counting.IMG_8548
  5. They teach you to be patient. Being younger means to have to wait. Not sit around and do nothing, but wait. Wait with the excruciating evidence of all the things you could do but can’t because you’re young. Drink? No. Drive? Nah. Club? Nope. Older brothers can’t teach you patience. They are literally too busy for your foolishness.IMG_3484
  6. They are optimistic. Younger brothers don’t have the extra years of failed life experiments. So when you come home from a BAD day, they are usually pretty freaking optimistic about things.863_788129699680_6375_n
  7. They preserve your smarts & coolness. Sure the old brother will help with you with your cool points in your formative years. Easy homework help, fitting in with older kids, and knowing how to deal with the guys. But older brothers eventually get old. They aren’t hip and cool at some point. They don’t know the new songs and slang. Younger brothers are like your second wind. Studying for the GRE and forgot how to do ALL math? Enter younger brother.IMG_3198
  8. They are honest about you, even if it’s too honest. This can be true of both older and younger, but to my earlier point older brothers ain’t got time. Younger brothers do. So they can tell you when your life is in shambles, your hair is a mess, your cooking sucks, and yes, you you need to get over it.863_788126356380_4531_n
  9. You have someone who looks up to you. Someone you can teach and for whom you can be a role model. Older brothers don’t usually give you this advantage.IMG_0360
  10. They teach you how to have fun! Want to learn how to cheat in video games? Wanna sit on the couch all day eating junk food and binge watching Netflix shows? Wanna sing songs really loud in the car or dance around in your pajamas?  Or skip school to see a movie, or go on a joy ride to the beach? Little brothers are good, no better than good, they are experts at this stuff. They really know how to enjoy life.

So if you have a little brother I say celebrate the day he was born. Little brothers are the greatest people ever! Luh you Bro.

This is satire y’all. All brothers are awesome. 

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