How I Found My PERFECT Wedding Dress


The second most exciting thing for a bride is finding the wedding dress, right? It can be stressful setting up appointments and arranging friends and family to be part of the hunt. Then there’s the searching through piles and racks of dress “maybes” at locations that seriously disrespect your gas tank. Getting the right one and knowing without a doubt it’s PERFECT ain’t easy. I spent a whole weekend on the actual hunt; who knows how many hours on the Pinterest and magazine hunt. Even with all this, the seek and find part of getting the wedding dress was one of the most memorable parts of planning the wedding. Here’s what made my search easy. Er, Easier.


Go To A Few Stores. Just a few. Like maybe 2 or 3. I think I went to 5 places, but after a while you might start to feel like you’re just rushing and going through the motions just to get to the next store. Do your research and check the stores out online or drop by before you invite everyone along. If you can’t help yourself and must go to every bridal salon in your town and the next, then try not to schedule more than 2 appointments in one day. Trying on dresses takes a long time. Hours. You’ll want to just stare the mirror and evaluate. Twirl. Sit. Dance. Take some selfies. All that jazz. So, if you have your friends and family with you, you better bring snacks and let the know ahead of time. People love you, but that love might run out after three 2 hour stops all 30 minutes in distance apart. Also you’ll get hangry. So take some time to eat with your peeps.


IMG_2311 IMG_2302

Try On Everything! That really conservative one your grandmother picked out, the ballgown your sister loves, the expensive ugly one you can’t help but swoon over. All of it. Try ’em all on! I can’t stress this enough. I came into the process with my mind made up. No sweetheart, no mermaid, no ruffles. I wanted a fitted full lace dress, with an open low back, and cut out lace shoulders. Couldn’t tell me nothing. Be open to trying on things you might not have thought would work. With that said, don’t go crazy. You want to try on a variety of dresses, just not a ton of dresses. After a while, they will all look the same. You’ll feel bloated, hungry, and hopeless. Don’t do this to yourself.


Stick To Your Budget. Or mom and dad’s budget. I didn’t do this but, I wish I would have. My parents gave me hell about my dress. If you are paying for your dress, talk to your consultant and be firm. Do not let them try to sell you on something you KNOW you can’t afford. Blowing your budget even for something as special as a wedding dress will make you feel dissatisfied in the long run. Check your motives for purchasing a dress over your budget. Living outside of your means leads to a sad sad honeymoon.  Veteran Tip: ASK a ton of questions. The bride with the most questions ends up being the bride in budget or at least not surprised by new cost like alterations.

DSC_0328 DSC_0449

Don’t Forget Accessories. Getting the dress is one thing but pairing that sucker with the right veil, headbands, earrings, flowers, necklace, etc., matters so much. If you have a basic gown, you can add sparkle. If you pick a fully beaded gown, you might want to chill. Maybe. Up to you. Just don’t forget that a good number of your photos won’t be full on dress, so pick some stuff up top that will look great on you.


Bring only a few people. At first I wanted to invite everyone I knew. Excitement took over me. What can I say. After some contemplation and a few episodes of Say Yes To The Dress, I realized people can ruin the whole experience. So I invited just a few. Also, teach them a cheer. This comes in handy when you are feeling overwhelmed. Let them pick ONE dress, if they want to, but no more than that. Point one person to be the always positive (because your mom WILL speak her mind and you might not like it) and one person to be the camera ready.


Chill. Relax. Have Fun. The WHOLE Day (s) is/are about YOU. Don’t get to the point where you feel like it’s a chore. This is supposed to be fun. Honestly, it’s just one part, a very small part, of the wonderful thing that is about to happen in your life. I hate to say it, but it’s just a dress. Soon the hunt will be over. So make the most of the time you get to spend with your family and friends. Drink it all up. Take it all in. Accept every compliment. Slap every person who said something negative. Laugh a little, even if it’s at yourself.



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  1. I don’t know how you ever chose. They ALL look good

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