3 Outfits for Your New Year’s Party!

NY15 CWI would most certainly wear any and all of these items on New Years. Actually I would wear most of this stuff any time. That’s become my thing. I don’t shop very often anymore. When I do, I shop for events, work functions, birthdays, and the occasional party. So, I try to buy something that is really cute and appropriate, but also something I can wear over and over again. I’ve given away and thrown away SOO many clothes, mainly because  I didn’t know how to shop. I’m still learning, occasionally skipping trends and going for classic and easy to wear pieces. Unfortunately, I didn’t order a single thing. I am not paying for overnight shipping and 2015 is approaching fast. So, off to a local store I will go to try to re-create these super cute outfits. If I succeed, I will take some photos and let you know how it worked out. Otherwise, girl, bye.

1. Fur Coat it’s on SALE!!!

2. Gold Arrow Necklace

3. Crop top

4. Black Strappy Net Shoes

5. Leather shorts. They aren’t real leather, so don’t feel bad.

6. Electrum Dress. Three Floor can do NO wrong.

7. Jeweled Clutch

8. Sequin Top and Shorts. Because when and where else can you wear full on sequins??

9. Crown

10. Ball Ring. It’s under $10, plus it’s a  little take on an NYC tradition.

11. Gold Earrings

12. Fur Shoes. These just seem so luxurious and lady in a bathroom in a  black and white movie.

13. Gold and Black Shoe also on SALE!

14. Burgundy Clutch

15. Tom Ford. I don’t pop Molly.

Happy New Year! BTW, What are YOU wearing?

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