4 Reasons I’m NOT Having Kids…Yet

Source: http://leastlittlething.tumblr.com

So, I secretly follow Molly’s baby Pinterest board. Look. Look at their little feet. How can they be so cute? How can they be so happy? Why is their skin so perfect? All these bright-eyed little innocents. Agh, I just can’t. I’m the one who wants to come over and hold them. Swoon and watch them coo. The one who follows baby accounts on Instagram and peruses the baby section of a store planning outfits while never actually planning a baby. I’m infatuated, but I’m also not ready to have one. Partly because I think my infatuation stops after the toddler age. And well, because kids are the worst. Let’s face it, pre-teens are annoying and teenagers are the spawn of satan. I like babies (and toddlers) and adults. It’s those in between the toddler and adult stage that I can’t deal with. To you, my reasons might range from selfish and superficial to warranted and definitely warranted. That’s fine. This is a no judgement zone. A safe space. If you were to ask me when am I going to produce offspring, I would probably be kind and say something kind. But if you REALLY want to know, you might want to read this first.

We love being just the two of us right now. Marcos and I just got married. I like being his wife and him being my husband. One day, being the mother and father will be amazing. It ain’t today. Girl, it is NOT today.

Our lives are fluid. We aren’t exactly sure we will live here. We might even leave the state for career reasons. Who knows? We might just pack up and move to Spain. M, please make all my dreams come true. Por favor.

We want to travel. I know we can travel with kids. What a wonderful experience that will be for them! I never really traveled as a child. M was just the opposite. Coming from a military family, he’s lived everywhere. When we decide to have kids, they most certainly will be on a plane seeing the world and soaking in as much language and culture as possible LoveTaza and Travel Noire style. For right now, being able to spontaneously jump on a plane and discover this beautiful planet without children suits us. Plus, don’t NOBODY like them crying babies on a plane. Not even the parents.

We still talk about our future sans baby. When M and I plan for the future, sure we mention if we wanna have kids, but for the most part it’s we wanna move. We wanna build our careers. We wanna see the world. We want to go on an adventure. We want to save money. We know. We can do all this with kids, but it might be much harder to do.

So there you have it. The reasons you won’t be meeting little baby Johnson in 2015. Aren’t you glad I didn’t say anything about how much they cost,  how public schools are terrible, or the FACT that babies completely change your entire life? I sometimes fear these things too, but the wonderful people around me that have kids are raising them up to be amazing humans. And they are doing it with all the grace and love possible. That gives me hope. We aren’t afraid. We are hopeful. Mom, I hope you are reading this. 

No new kids. No new kids. No new kids. No. No. No. Maybe in a few years. Actually, the bio-clock be tripping so maybe before 35. 🙂

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  1. Honest and frank and funny and perfect.

  2. Rae Redmond says:

    I’m glad you acknowledged that all of that is possible with kids. All of your reasons are legit to not have them. I just know too many people scared and postponing kids because they think the world ends.

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