Purple Stuff: A Smoothie Recipe

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I drink smoothies. This is a recipe. It’s not a bougie green one. So, you can’t brag to your friends about it. Oh, look at me. I’m healthy. There’s kale in this. It’s a super green.  Is that a buttered biscuit with fried chicken that you are eating for breakfast?  Oh.

It’s not often that you will find me without my green smoothie. It doesn’t have much to do with ingredients, though that is a nice benefit. It’s just cause I like the color. If the color is off, I’m not too happy about it. I need a bright deep green, but more on that in another blog, I might call The Jolly Green Giant- My Green Smoothie. Anyway, the other day I got a big thing of blueberries from my local farmer’s market. That was a lie. I got them from H-E-B.  I said this wouldn’t be bougie, so let me take it down a notch. They inspired me to go a different unicorn color. Hence, in the words of the great Big M-O-E the ingredients to Purple Stuff:


Kale and spinach mix (I didn’t measure. Bougie people measure, so lets just say 1- 1/2 cups)

3/4 Cup organic blueberries (frozen)

Fresh pineapple (again, didn’t measure so maybe 1/4 cup)

1 Medium size organic green apple, chopped

1 Medium size organic banana

Blend well. Add some ice if you need to. Top off with a few blueberries.


I could go on and tell you about the benefits of blueberries and kale but you know intrinsically they are good for you. And, your brain doesn’t need more info your body can’t process. You know diced pineapples isn’t just a Rick Ross song. By the way, have you seen him lately? Girl. Plus this isn’t the blog for that. Other blogs do a great job of explaining the benefits of fruit and leafy greens. So read up, po’ up, and drank up.




Ps. If you try this recipe or have a favorite of your own, share it in the comments. Real friends share.

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  1. You got me with that farmer’s market…

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