All This Stuff Is Happening To Me And It Sucks!

It all started 4th of July weekend. I was coming off a great birthday and welcoming the last year of my 20s. The 4th was supposed to be a continuation of congratulation and celebration. I was supposed to bask in the glow of being a wise and content 29-year-old who mostly had it all together. I couldn’t really complain; life so far has been a sugary field of cotton candy. I have a wonderful husband, great friends, a caring family, and a career picked right from my sweet dreams. I’ve lived a honeyed life. I’m healthy, beautiful, smart, witty. I could go on and on (this is humor). But the good Lord, who knows better than me, thought it was a great time to see If I was any good underneath that polished shell candy. So, I got a trial. Or two. Or three.

Trial 1
It was a hot Sunday. The Japanese Tea Garden was blooming. I put my rings in my lap and put lotion on my hands. That’s the last time I saw them. My two beautiful wedding rings. Rings my husband worked so hard to get. Rings for which he scoured the internet and jewelry store after jewelry store. Rings that symbolized our commitment to each other. The loss nearly broke us. We were inconsolable. He was upset. I was upset. We were upset. Everything in our lives was upset. But the good Lord, who knows better than me, told me to take heart. Even When It Hurts, rang in my ears. I began to lean on Him. I gave Him this burden and I asked for peace. I thought, man we can make it through this. We’re a team. We got this. Hope began to swell. This is easy. Then came trial #2.

Trial 2
A few days later I went running in order to have a “session” with my bestie about the loss of rings. Later that night, my knee started to swell. It was painful. Sharp. Tender. Painful. Like can’t bend it, can’t move it, can’t look at it painful. I was in the worst knee pain of my life. I had to see a doctor. Diagnosis? Bursitis. 3 weeks for recovery. It’s week one. First the rings. Now this? Stupid knee. Stupid knee. Stupid. My brow furrowed as a begin to feel overwhelmed. Then, the good Lord, who knows better than me, told me He was my strength, my very present help in time of need. And I needed Him. I leaned in and thought, I can make it through this. I got this. This will be easy. Then came trial #3.

Trial 3
@#!@$)%! Seriously! For real? Not even 3 days later. On the way to work, my left tire on my NEW, not even a year old car, blew out. Just blew right out. Just quit its job. No notice. I started to think how much all this stuff is going to cost me. Ring replacement, doctor’s bills, a new tire. Why is all this happening to me? The more I thought about it, I laughed. I laughed so hard it became funny. I just stopped being upset and frustrated and worried. I gave in to laughter. I could’ve chosen to remain upset and angry over all this stuff happening in the span of one week. Instead I chose to trust. I trust that the aforementioned sweetness I’ve experienced in my life was not a result of bad things never happening. In fact, bad things have happened in my life before. Lots of them. The sweetness came from experiencing the sour and trusting God with everything.

So, I’ve decide to trust God. He brings the sweetness. The good Lord, who knows better than me, is surely about to bestow an amazing sugar rush in my life. So, if you trying to get in you better come on.

And now… some pics from my Birthday and the 4th!

IMG_8312 IMG_8330 IMG_8315 IMG_8437 FullSizeRender



2 Comments Add yours

  1. 1reddiva83 says:

    Everything is going to be ok, hopefully, someone finds the rings and they hold it at the restaurant. You must have been hysterical. I would have.

    1. nchanel says:

      I sure was. Im good now. I still hope that someone returns them. 🙂

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