10 Things I’m Doing The Last Year Of My 20s

spring20I suspect most women entering the last year of their twenties hear the same crazy stuff about turning 29 that I had to hear. It’s all down hill from here. I’ve never really felt content until I reached my thirties. You only have a few years left to have kids. You’re gonna need hip replacement. Okay, people didn’t tell me these things, but I did feel some uneasiness about getting one step closer to 30. The uncertainty. The fear. The vanity of being a 20-something. Then I had all these questions. What the heck I am doing? Why am I not where I said I would be in the journal I wrote in 6th grade?! 6th grade me would NEVER let this happen. What the fudge? I only have about 5-10 more years to get my ish together. While I’m not completely over all that now, I’ve kind of taken the attitude of “I’m too legit-it to quit it.” I don’t know what the future holds. I have plans, sure. Tons of plans. One thing I know for certain, I’m not leaving my 20s without accomplishing these 10 things.

  1. Stop saying sorry.  Cutting you off because you’ve talked entirely too much? I will not say sorry. Canceling our plans for good reason? I’m not saying sorry, bruh. Eating the last slice of anything? Not sorry. Taking a selfie? Not sorry. Didn’t do my hair? Not sorry. Had a completely unproductive weekend on the couch watching Netflix, when I clearly had errands to run? Say it with me. Not sorry. Forcefully shoving your bad kid running wildly and unsupervised through HEB? Not, okay. Maybe I should apologize. These people get me.
  2. Start saying No. Wanna go spend $25 for brunch? Nope. Wanna go out? Nope. Wanna drive to my house? Nope. Wanna go halfsies on (insert expensive girls trip, alcohol I didn’t drink, pricey gifts)? Naw. Wanna comment on this article that will seriously mess with your spirit and make you hate the world? No. Just, no. Stole this from Espouse.
  3. Go north, in North America. Canada calling? See you in September?
  4. Increase my 401K contribution. For real, I want to retire. Retirement should not be a fantasy. Some elusive unicorn only filthy rich people get to see. Also, I guess I should put in more than 3%. I guess.
  5. Plan a Dirty 30. This really goes without saying.
  6. Get serious about my wardrobe.  I still have lots of stuff I don’t wear anymore and new stuff I bought on a whim that needs to go. I need to get rid of it. I also need to invest in some key pieces. Some nice stuff. Go fund me?
  7. Get strategic about my career. I gotta map this thing out. Learn some new skills, talk to mentors, meet with my boss, and really figure out what the next few years look like.
  8. Renew my year with BigBrother BigSister. I love my little. I love being a Big. It’s one of the most rewarding, self-less, and eye-opening experiences of my life. Go ‘head and add another year.
  9. Complete this list. For real, I only have half a year left to complete THIS LIST.
  10. Blog about what I learned in my 20s by reliving each birthday in 5 words— this is for kicks. I mean really, what did I even learn in my 20s?

So, turning 29, what really matters? I don’t know, but in the end, I’m sure it’s not my age. I’m happy, healthy and able to make a difference in people’s lives. Cheesy, but true. What do you think? Are you turning 29? Are you younger or older?



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  1. ACoupleTalks says:

    I’m turning 29 and I can say I share the same sentiments! Especially the saying no! Time is limited as we get older and no point in just going along with blinders.

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