I Went To Belize!

Hey y’all!

In my feeble attempt to be Anthony Bordouain, I went to Belize. It is basically my life goal to see the world through as many countries, cultures, and as much food as I possibly can. Most of the time I find myself in between “should I start a #gofundme account so I can pay for this Icarus dream” and Googling how much can I make selling insert illegal drug here and where to find cheap glitch airfare.¬†Honestly, traveling can be expensive. While typing this I can hear the well traveled people saying … nope, not for me. I traveled to Dubai for $300. I traveled to China for .50 cents. I traveled to Soweto¬†in exchange for a hot dog. Well, well traveled people, THAT AINT ME! Ya girl had to come off real hard earned american Tubmans, ok.

I’m sorry. You didn’t come here for this. This is what you came here for….


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