Got Your Back


Years ago I started blogging about my personal style. It was harder than I thought. On a typical shoot day I would do my hair, nails, and makeup. I’d pick out 2-3 outfits and pack up my car with clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Before that, I had to ensure my camera was charged with an extra battery and all the necessary accessories. There was this one time I didn’t charge the battery. That was a complete disaster. Then I’d check the weather and scout some scenic but not too touristy locations to shoot. Beg a friend to be my camera person. Pick that person up. Put on clothes. Take off clothes. Put on clothes. Take off clothes. Fix hair. Pose. Be cute, but like Aimee Song cute. Smile with your eyes, damn it. Great, the sun is melting my makeup. Reapply. Try not to be frustrated with the photos. I want it like this… see how the sun is? Take it like that. Pretend the “photographer” of the day is getting it. This is silly. This is futile. This is selfish. Ignore thoughts of privilege and self-absorption.  Why am I doing this? I’m neurotic. After a few hours shooting in different locations, I would thank my friend, drop her off and go home. Then I would edit the 4 best photos I could find. It was a real hunt to find them. Trust me. Then I would write a blog post. Then re-write it. Hate it for like ten minutes. Post it. NEVER look back. Never.

I realized a few things. One, I can’t dress. Two, I should practice patience. Three, doing this type of work makes you rethink your entire life, a lot. Four, my husband is supportive. It’s a simple statement and the truest of the four. He was my cheerleader and coach. He was the first to read my blog posts, offer edits, like, comment, and share them. He made me feel like I could do anything, and whatever I did, it was amazing. If you know me, I’m the least likely person to talk myself up. To me, everything I do is trash. Not to M. Sometimes, I wish I had half the confidence in myself that he has in me. When I moved from style blogging, to hair, to lifestyle, and now to video content, M was on the sidelines shouting, “GO! You got this! You are so talented.”

Now it’s my turn to return the favor and champion someone who always has my back. M started a video blog, too. He is pretty good, too. So check him out. Leave a comment and subscribe. He is WAY more dedicated than I am, so you are bound to get timely content. Go, M! Go.

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  1. Lakenna Green says:

    I love this 😊

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