30 Under 30 – Amsterdam


Well. I’m here. It’s the often-dreaded age that your 20-something friends fear. It’s the age by which that list of things you needed to accomplish had better been accomplished. It’s the age that people say you step into your own. It’s the age where you start to need anti-aging.

I’m 30.

I’ve lived on this planet for 3 whole decades.

What have I done in my life? I can’t actually be 30, right? My list isn’t complete. I still have to get my “30 under 30” list done. I still have bought multiple perfumes at once. I still haven’t rose to “insert fancy job title here” status. It’s different for women. Turning 30 for me was mixed with relief, fear, shame, hope, pride, and joy. At once, I felt the fear of being old and no longer desirable. I felt the shame of not having my life “together” by now. I felt the hope of a new age. I felt the pride of all that I had accomplished by this point, the joy of settling into myself, and the confidence that has blossomed in me. I can’t believe I’m 30. I made it. I remember when my mom was this age. I remember her being absolutely beautiful inside and out. I remember her beaming. I hope I have her glow now.

We went to Amsterdam for my 30th. It was the best way to enter this new time. I know I say this about nearly every trip we take, but I could live there. Check out our video.


If you are turning 30, don’t fear. I did. But you don’t. It’s going to be okay, girl. You’re going to beam.

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In front of the Rijkmuseum
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Canals of Amsterdam
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Outside the Anne Frank house


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  1. Happy Birthday Nik & you’re right, you’re “okay” and you’ll continue to be “okay”. Keep beating to your own drum. Live outside the box, travel, take chances, go against the grain, whatever. Do you Boo as Shameless Mya would say. Make your own “supposed to ” list cause sometimes that “list” has everyone else’s hopes and dreams on it, instead of yours. Whatever is supposed to happen, will happen. I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now 😉 Keep trusting your gut. You’ve done way more at 30 and under than I have at almost 50! (49 in November). You should be damned proud of yourself! The confidence you’ve developed and the knowledge you have of yourself is priceless. Keep nurturing that, and you’ll never feel old no matter what age you are. Remember, we are lifelong learners. “Supposed to” is easier to deal with than “should have”. Trust me on that! Keep beaming Sis’ 🙂 ❤

    1. nchanel says:

      Thank you! This is seriously the best comment Ive ever gotten on this blog. I really appreciate what you said.

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