6 Outfit Ideas for Fall

Listen, I’m the worst. Seriously. I have a closet full of clothes, and I wear maybe 4 different things to work each week. I basically have a uniform. Black dress, gray dress, black and white striped dress, pale pink dress, and sleeveless black dress. It’s funny because remember that time I considered myself a style blogger?  Remember this get up? Boy, how the times have changed. Still, I LOVE clothes. I love fashion, kinda. So, I made this video, honestly for myself. I made it so that when I have somewhere to go or when I feel like dressing up, I don’t spend 4 hours just standing in my closet full of clothes wondering what to wear. If you get something out of this, good for you. For me, this is trickery, therapy, and a cheat sheet.  I’ll be making another one that has lazier outfits for fall in case you are not a heels kind of woman. Granted, in Texas, I could still get away with wearing crop tops and booty shorts well up to Thanksgiving. No lies. But, in hopes of a cool breeze, an orange leaf, and temps worthy of any kind of latte, I have this video for inspiration. I hope you enjoy it.

BTW: Thank you guys so much for watching. For real. I spend a lot of time working on these videos and it’s pretty much a passion project. I love this stuff, and it makes me really happy to know that you all might like it too. Love you!

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