Tulum: Year 2 of Marriage

When I was younger, I thought, like many people, the story ends at marriage. Happily ever after. We’re done. Close the book. I thought the goal was to get married. Once you find that perfect person, the one who makes you so happy you can’t breathe, nothing else would matter. Everything falls into place with your true soulmate.

I got older. I started to see marriage as a trap. A prison. I saw many marriages, including my parents’, fail. I saw how two people so enamored with each other (that they leave their families and give up their freedom to be together) turn into stubborn, unforgiving rivals. I thought from here on I would just be in a relationship until I wasn’t happy anymore. My philosophy was if I am not happy I’m out. The moment things go south I have an escape route. I don’t want to be trapped in a bad marriage. Oscar Wilde said, ” One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry.” That was me. Then.

This next part isn’t a “then, I fell in love” story. I didn’t. M and I were dating a long while before we got married. We loved each other, but we didn’t really know love. We struggled. I mean, WE STRUGGLED!

We knew that if we were going to make it we needed a whole new understanding of each other, of ourselves as Christians, and of marriage. With that we vowed to explore how  Christ views marriage…before we were married.

This is a long story. I didn’t think I would even write this much. I’m usually pretty low key on my relationship. Unless you are for us, you don’t get to know us. But, maybe. Naw, something for another post.

To say that M and I have made it to year 2 is amazing. But, it’s not a miracle, really. We coasted this 2nd year. I’m pretty proud to say that. WE COASTED. In our 10 years together, we’ve grown so much. We are different now. Individually and together, and I have never been more excited for us. We got each other. Things might not always coast, M. We might not get that lucky. But I got you. You got me. And God’s got us. As long as we continue to see marriage the way God sees marriage, nothing can break us. Happy 2 years! Here’s to year 3.

oh btw… we made a lil video. We love this stuff.

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  1. You’re an honest and beautiful writer. I want more I want more ❤

  2. Lauren J says:

    Such a beautiful article! Thank you for sharing your heart!

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