My Year in 4 Minutes

2016. Dang, man. We lost  Prince, Ali, R2-D2 AND Princess Leia. #STARSWARSFAN. We (the “royal we” or maybe the pluralis modestiae. Either way not me specifically, I did my part) elected Donald Trump…as president…of like the USA. You might be tempted to say 2016 SUCKED. I’ll admit there were too many trying times in 2016. As I look back however, it doesn’t seem all gloom and doom. 2016 was a great year… for me. Hopefully you had one too. But, if you didn’t go ahead and click play to enjoy my wonder year.

Ps. I didn’t make a resolution. I didn’t make any goals for 2017. I’m just going to do stuff and if it seems like I’m reaching a goal, good for me. BUT, what are your resolutions and goals? Let me know in the comments.

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