How to Recover from Traveling


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Traveling is fun and all until you return home and have to apply gobs of conditioner to your damaged hair, multi-mask your skin, and sleep 24 hours… wait, actually that sounds pretty good. No, wait, it’s not all fun and games. You also have to unpack, do laundry, get to work on time, and attend to all the other chores and errands you forgot about while vacationing.

Traveling is amazing and necessary.  I am so grateful for the travel opportunities  that come my way. I do not take this for granted. As I have said, many times before, if I could be Anthony Bourdain, my whole life would be fulfilled. But traveling also has its down side. The toll is takes on your body is rough.

Recently my husband and I returned from a 10 day European vacation. I’ll cover that in another post. For now, let’s talk recovery. These are some of the ways in which traveling affected my skin and how I recovered.


Airplanes are terrible for you skin. They are about as humid as a dessert which means your skin can become dry, red, cracked, and flaky. To combat this, I usually drink all the water they offer and some, or I bring my own giant bottle on board. I also bring a couple hydrating sheet masks. I got this tip from my friend Amanda at Melanglow. For my lips, I bring a moisturizing lip product. For my eyes, I mostly try to just sleep so the dry air won’t iritate them. While I’m on my trip, I do my normal routine as much as I can depending on what I could pack with me. Mostly it works ok, but not like at home. Once I return home, I make sure to be really kind and gentle with my skin. I load up on serums, masks, and beauty rest. I am loving these two masks from Aveda. They sent me these two lovely items just in time. They smell so great. I love how thick and rehydrating the wedding face mask is. You sleep with it on, like a moisturizer, and when you wake up you have glowing, supple, and soft skin. I LOVE it.

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Often times hotel shampoos and conditioners are either not made for my hair, contain ingredients I do not like, or in nearly all cases, are single use products. So, when I am just taking a carry on, it’s hard for me to follow TSA’s guidelines and pack my skin and care hair products. What usually happens is my hair suffers or I have it in a  protective style where I won’t need to do too much to it at all. Honestly, my hair usually suffers. I love my wash and go style so that’s how I normally wear it. I prep my hair before a trip usually by treating to a nice warm oil  soak and deep conditioning masque. When I return home, I make sure to take care of it again with a gentle cleanse, steaming deep condition, and nourishing leave in conditioning.

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I work out regularly. You probably can’t tell. I said I work out not eat well. When I go on vacation though, aside from leisurely walking, biking, or swimming I do not excercise. I certainly do not watch what  I eat either. So, sometimes, my body feels odd after a vacation. Sitting on a plane or train for hours can make you feel tight and sore too. When I return home, I love to do some yoga and stretch all my muscles out. Yoga helps me resettle into my body and jump starts my work out routine again. I also love yoga to rest my  mind, which is next.


I find that when my trip is nearing its end I begin to worry and get anxious. Does anyone else experience this? I start to think of everything on my to-do list. I worry about work. I worry about the plane landing. I worry about my car. I don’t know. It’s just worry. So, I like to rest and read. I can do a better job of this. In a perfect world, I’d nix anything that was distracting or adds to my worry. Like social media, the news, television, and certain people. Recently, I have been really enjoying this book I found at the airport by Zadie Smith called Swing Time. This is my kind of book. It’s about black girls, but not in those tired old same old ways you hear about black people. It’s not about slavery or segregation or oppression in the usual sense. It actually about two little brown girls who want to be dancers. Life happens and only one of them makes it. It’s about friendships, music, and I’m still reading it so give me a minute.

How do you recover from traveling? Let me know in the comments.

See ya soon..



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tam says:

    Love this post! I’m planning a trip this summer but I am so getting braids because I don’t want to pack a single hair product! I’m still undecided between cornrows, box braids or twists. So many pretty styles to choose from.

    1. nchanel says:

      Im going to Hawaii soon, box braids might just happen.

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