What Does It Look Like?

IMG_9605What does it look like to be successful? It’s a question I still struggle to answer. For a lot of my life, it was having the right career, one that would make my friends and family proud yet envious. It meant having the right home, income, marriage, clothes, and the right look. I needed to have it all to be successful. And if I were successful, I’d be happy and satisfied. I think we know where this is going…IMG_9554IMG_9514

Now, I think being successful is less about the stuff I have and more about the person I am. It’s about how I treat other people, how I show gratitude and appreciation, and how I love myself. When I feel down and start to compare my life to others, I have to remind myself that what looks like success is different for everyone. There are so many times that I’ve seen a girl on Instagram with what I think is the perfect life, come out and say she is depressed. I am no longer shocked by this. I know that looking successful and being successful are different and often not based on what possessions you have, what trips you take, and how good you look. I can’t base my life on anyone else’s definition of success. I must define it for myself. What does that look like practically?IMG_9565


For me, it’s writing down the things I’m grateful for, reaching my goals big and small, and writing down my wins. It’s not how much money I have, how many places I’ve visited, and what I’m wearing. I’ve written down the things I’m grateful for for 4 years now. Every year I start a new list. It helps me refocus and see what progress I’ve made. I can go back to the 2013 list and see where I have my leaps and bounds. That is success to me.

It’s also in my relationships with people. I’m an introvert, so this is hard for me. I think relationships, good relationships are the most valuable thing a person can have. BUT, I’d much rather be alone. It’s pretty frustrating when you know you need to work on relationships. I have to say I’m not good at this yet. Still working. Meet me in 2018. IMG_9495IMG_9506

What does success look like to you?

Dress: Buffalo Exchange

Shoes: Target

Clutch: J.Crew

Shade: Betsy Johnson

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