How To Be A More Interesting Person


Why am I writing this? I’m not very interesting to be honest. I do, however, have the very  great fortune of knowing and being close friends with some very interesting people. Upon a close examination and admiration of their lives I have discovered a few key things each one of these amazing people have in common. DSC07519

1. They value relationships and have charisma.

They remember peoples’s names, birthdays, important events in their lives, and what makes them feel welcomed. They have this ability to make total strangers feel like old friends. I do not have ANY of this, y’all. They call, write, text, and use whatever else we are using to communicate with each other now. Relationships are HARD. All types of relationships are hard. They require so much attention, watering and  pruning. Growing into something beautiful takes time and effort and most times you are not sure it’s really going anywhere. But the most interesting people I know all have long lasting great relationships, whether its with friends, lovers, or family.


2. They do good for goodness sake.

Most people want to make something of themselves for themselves. The most interesting people I know are kinda self-less in a way that is counter culture. They want to do good for others. They want to help people, create community, and foster relationships. Not in a “I’m running for office” way. Not in a showy way. Not in a way that makes them the star. They don’t do good because they will get something in return or because someone has done something deserving. They just do good. No pretense. No expectation. It’s hard doing it this way. I assume it must be draining. It must feel like hitting a wall over and over again, especially in our society that takes things for granted and doesn’t show appreciation that often. It takes a special kind of person to do good despite the bad in the world. DSC07532DSC07518

3. They keep learning.

“If you want to be interesting, be interested”- David Ogilvy.

It’s true. The most interesting people I know listen, absorb, learn, and experiment. Large or small they show interest in what’s being said and what’s going on.  They pay attention to who they are with. They are present, which is for most of us now in our distracted, short attention span, social media addicted lives, is a real sacrifice.

I do not know the exact “formula” for what makes a person interesting, but I have noticed these 3 things. I do not think beauty, money, and success make you interesting. Though, that seems counter culture.

What do you think makes a person interesting? What makes someone dull? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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  1. Patrice Walker says:

    While your number one characteristic isn’t your strong suit, you definitely embody the other two traits! I think your ability to accept change and growth has made you an interesting person because I’ve witnessed some of that process first hand and it’s a beautiful thing!

    1. nchanel says:

      Awe Patrice! You are so kind!

  2. This is incredibly interesting! Another thing that I think makes people really interesting is when they embrace the weird things about themselves. I definitely am trying to do that more! This was a really inspiring blog post! Feel free to check out my latest post too!

    1. nchanel says:

      Amen! We gotta take it all. We are all unique and have something to offer the world. If we hide our quirks in shame we can’t be our best selves. Gotta embrace the weird man. 🙂

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