Black & Bougie: Things I’m Buying My Baby

My baby deserves nice things. Nice things made by us and for us, some of it anyway. Here’s a list. Feel free to add to it in the comments! Black owned =**.

    1. Mercharis Dolls These are sooo cute and they are handmade! Ugh. Gimme. TELL ME THIS AINT BETTER THAN AMERICAN GIRL! Go DIE!  It is. 🙂 Ok. So dramatic.**
    2. Nicholle Kobi Prints. The room will be covered in black girl magic. Wall to Wall. I mean, of course, assuming she’s a girl. **
    3. Pins for the diaper bag and for my baby’s jean jacket– because duh, my baby will have a jean jacket! I love these from ColoringPins. And like almost everything on the @BlackPinMakerLeague IG.**
    4. Happy Hair Dolls. I need all the dolls. All I had growing up was mostly white Barbies until the teens came out. Then I got the black one named Nikki. I could have used more variety is all.Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.30.36 AM.png
    5. Head Wraps. Duh. If it is really my baby, it will have a ton of hair. I love these from TopKnots.
    6. Etsy Hipster Snap Backs oh and this one. My baby gone be fly and know how to make a mean pour over.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
    7. Bougie blankets I mean….can you even? Look at this sheet! Look at it. My baby deserves nothing but the finest cottons, the highest thread counts, and the most inspirational and motivational quotes printed right under his or her butt.
    8. Books. Books aren’t bougie.  I just really wanted to shout out these black authors and illustrators. I picked up these from TheListeningTree, a black owned booktique in Atlanta, GA.** Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_1.20.20_PM
    9. A crown. Yes, on some slight hotep, I’m getting my baby a fabric crown because he or she deserves all the nice things. Honestly, Milk Bots is about to get all my coins.
    10. A lil mommy wash. Okay, this isn’t necessarily for the baby. It’s for me. But since I am carrying the baby, I figure I should pick something a lil bougie for myself too. 🙂 polar-bear-baby-play-mat
    11. This polar bear play mat from The Land of Nod. I know you less bougie parents will get your whole setup from Ikea and Target, but my baby will have only the best. (I can’t stand myself. I can’t take myself seriously. I will certainly be going to Target and Ikea.)bougie-baby-black-white_1800x
    12. The ultimate bougie baby thing….this onesie from Tees in the Trap.

I’m so excited about having our first baby. I will be adding to this list, so let me know if there are things you guys have seen that you think are cool for babies.

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