My Giant Boobs

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Since getting pregnant my boobs have grown significantly. That’s no surprise, but man is it an annoyance. I’ve out grown all my cute little lacey bras,  everyday t-shirt bras, granny bras, and the to hell with it bras, which for me, are just bralettes or some fabric over my nips. This situation has left me with overused sports bras, so stretched out the elastic is gone. So worn the straps are fraying. So beat up when I put it on I know I am letting myself down. Literally, my boobs are down.

I’m not a poor woman. I’m not cheap either. Frugal, maybe. Basically, I have a good paying job, a 401k, and a hefty savings. Yes, I could just go buy a bra. But you sound stupid because everyone knows bra buying is the WORST thing ever. Bras are so finicky.  Bras are so hard to shop for. I want a sports bra, but not really. Sports bras offer the support  I desire. Sports bras feel good. There are no wires digging into your ribs. The straps don’t leave deep red marks on your shoulders. You can run in them, dance, kick racists in face without fear of sagging or the accidental pop out. But sports bras are not really practical under anything you wear outside the gym. The uni-boob look doesn’t work on dressy shirts. So you need another kind of bra. Then you get another kind of bra and that bra only works for these occasions not those occasions. So you get yet another kind of bra for those occasions.

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This horrible dilemma has left me with 100s of bras over my life. Most of them really terrible and only purchased because of the color, pattern, and level of sexiness. The rest, they were comfortable for maybe 8 hours. But like most women, I couldn’t wait to get home and toss that sucker on the floor. Basically bras suck. So yea, I could buy a bra, but like, why? Oh, because now I am pregnant. People will look at me stupid should I leave the house with my giant areolas and flippity-floppity boobs all out. My boobs are like double the size.

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Now that I am pregnant, I need support, back support, shoulder support, and lift. I need to cover the super dark hyper-pigmentation that has taken over my nips. I need something comfortable and flexible. Hence, I am trying the Meer Bra.

The MeerBra claims the be a posture enhancing, ache reducing, booby lifting, fully customizable, only bra you need for work and play. I was lucky enough to be sent this bra to try. I’m told they also have a maternity collection coming soon which I can’t wait to try.

This bra doesn’t have an underwire. It adjusts in 4 ways and it is made from 100%  recycled post-consumer plastic water bottles. That’s pretty cool. But does it feel good? I put it to the test and I really like it. It comes in lots of colors and patterns and runs about $55.

TotesFront+with+Background+(small).jpgPS. I’m giving away 2 of these Meer totes on Instagram! All you have to do is:

1.Follow me on Instagram @NChanel

2.Like my MeerBra photo and leave a comment with your favorite bra

3. Follow Meer Bra on Instagram @meerbra


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