Pregnant Women are the BIGGEST liars I Know.

Most pregnant women are liars. They are in serious denial, or so lost in some weird delusional “pregnancy brain” they have no idea what the truth is. I know this for a fact. I too have lied to you and to myself.

Because I care about you and your health, I’ve complied a list of all the lies these women (including myself) have told. You will hear or maybe have heard some of them already. Here are all the lies.

1. You got that pregnancy glow. LIES! I haven’t had it, and I’ve seen many pregnant women who developed horrible skin after becoming pregnant. Lucky, I guess, my skin looks regular as hell. In fact, I think, if I count them right, I got the SAME number of pimples and darks spots as before.

2. It’s such a magical time. FIBS! I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy. I’m 28 weeks in and haven’t experienced any sickness, back aches, stretch marks, swelling, nausea, sciatica, or anything of the million things you (we) unlucky pregnant souls could face. Even given my pretty easy pregnancy, magic is not a word, not even close to a word I would use to describe this whole situation. It’s like a freaky science experience of raging hormones, thunderous kicks to the bladder, belly buttons popping out, and did I mention raging hormones? Honestly, this reason I am writing this whole thing is because after I said 900 curse words to myself because I can’t fit anything, cried deep deep inside myself, and suppressed the urge to throw things out the window, I thought, well I might as well write a blog post. HORMONES!

3. It will all be worth it. UNTRUTH– until I see otherwise. I don’t know that for sure. I see my mom friends and sometimes I’m like….. was it REALLY worth it? Hmmm…..I’ll decide for myself after baby boy shows up.

4. I feel so beautiful. LIE FROM THE PITS OF HELL. When you are trying to get ready for ACL and you can’t fit anything, your hair looks stupid and dry, and your skin looks dumb, beautiful ain’t a thing you feel. Some of this is my own fault and not the pregnancy, but don’t talk to me right now. Just hush. I’m feeling ugly. Leave me alone. (Hormones talking; I love you guys.)

I love my baby. I don’t know him yet, but I love him so much. I kinda hate how long pregnancy is though. I don’t always feel this way y’all, but TODAY, today I do. I need a nap. I need maternity wear, honestly. I need a deep conditioner. I need to drink more water. I need prayer. I need a hug.

Have you ever been lied to while pregnant? 🙂

Let me know.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hugs are here for you hun! You kind reminds me of the Baby Cobra video on Netflix! You guys go in on pregnancy lol

  2. Bahaha love this article! Truth, truth and truth!!

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