Valentines for ‘Bae’

Or for your co-workers and best friends….
MollDoll8121 and I got crafty. #makersgonemake


DIY: Strawberry Lemonade

I usually drink water. BUT, I love some lemonade. I decided to do this myself since buying flavored drinks is like the worst thing ever, also can be pricey…looking at you Whole Foods. (insert dramatics and a foodie quote here).  This is easy and can be kinda healthy depending on how you sweeten it. Recipe:…

DIY Christmas Ornaments

M and I took these plain white ceramic ornaments we got from the craft store and doodled all over them to make personalized little treasures for our Christmas tree. Hope you guys enjoy!

DIY: Valentine’s Pom Poms

  We are only 2 days away!! Valentine’s Day is seriously one of my favorite Holidays. It used to suck for me… that’s a different story for a different blog. Sunday, I went to another Camille Styles and Anthropologie Valentine’s DIY event with my friend Cristina from Fuji Files (check her out). It was really…