Let’s Do Good

I want to move forward. I want to make our country a better place for people like me and people not like me. I no longer want to be angry or disappointed. I don’t want to feel like an outsider. I don’t want to make others feel like outsiders. So here’s what I am going…

Tulum: Year 2 of Marriage

When I was younger, I thought, like many people, the story ends at marriage. Happily ever after. We’re done. Close the book. I thought the goal was to get married. Once you find that perfect person, the one who makes you so happy you can’t breathe, nothing else would matter. Everything falls into place with your true soulmate….

6 Outfit Ideas for Fall

Everyone in Texas is confused. It’s still crop tops and shorts season. Shout out to the scarf wearer in 110 degree temps! You are my hero!

My Morning Routine

Every morning I wake up to the soothing sounds of a Sentimental Mood, a chef prepared breakfast, an onsite masseuse, and all these other lies.

How To: Curly Buns!

Jazmine Dubois? I think so. Check out this video I made showing how I created these puffy curly pigtails. I also did my makeup look. Listen, I’m not your YouTube beauty guru so it’s not like the BEST makeup tutorial you’ve ever seen, but I think I did okay. Let me know. Ps. I know…

My Wash & Go Routine

I was having the hardest time with my hair for a while. My scalp was really itchy. Shed hairs were more like shed mounds of hair. My hair was thinning. My curls were not really curling. It was a mess. I thought I was going to have to cut my hair again. Then one night…

The Time I Realized I Was STUPID

Wanna be a better version of yourself? Yes. Yes, you do. So here is some wise advice. Look at yourself, really look at yourself and be objective. Ok. Don’t listen to me. What do I know? I only learned this lesson in college. Enjoy this story time. Learn from my mistakes. Love yourself and mind your…

Got Your Back

Years ago I started blogging about my personal style. It was harder than I thought. On a typical shoot day I would do my hair, nails, and makeup. I’d pick out 2-3 outfits and pack up my car with clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Before that, I had to ensure my camera was charged with an…

Solo in Savannah

If it wasn’t for the state of Georgia, your girl could probably live in Savannah.