Cousins for Christmas

Used to be when I was younger, my grandmother, one of 13 children, would have a large christmas dinner with her 12 children and their kids. It was magical. As a child, I didn’t care as much about the gifts we got as much as I cared about seeing my family. Sneakily being around when grown folks…

We Slept In Seattle

The last leg of our trip was Seattle. There. We did it. We trekked the PNW. Check it out. Have you ever traveled the Pacific North West? Lemme know in the comments.


Hey ya’ll! I’m back with another video. This time it’s from our Portland portion of our vacation “baecation”. Portland is Austin’s sister city. Keep Portland Weird was actually taken from Keep Austin Weird. Much like Austin, Portland is your typical granola, kale eating, freshly cold pressed juice sipping, hipster town. We like it.  Also check…

We Could Be Canadian.

The red, white, and blue and stuff that’s cool, but Canada. Canada is amazing. Canada is where it’s at.

Dining Out in July: A Horror Story

What I am about to you tell is a real life horror story. It’s not a pretty thing. Parents of young children please use your discretion. It happened to me, and it can happen to you if you are not careful.

10 Things I’m Doing The Last Year Of My 20s

Why am I not where I said I would be in the journal I wrote in 6th grade?! 6th grade me would never let this happen. While I’m not completely over turing 29, I’ve kind of taken the attitude of “I’m too legit-it to quit it.”

Getting In Shape: My Workout Routine

As I’m writing this I am thinking about cheeseburgers and TashOakley. This is often how my mind works. In constant tension. Back and forth. Give and Take. And Take. And Take.

96 Hours in Chicago

My first time in the Chi! I went there to celebrate my good friend April. The weather was amazing. The city flourished with spring flowers. The food was beyond. If it weren’t for 9 months of Winter, I could live there indefinitely. I hope you guys enjoy this video leave a comment and let me…

Weekend Trip To LA

Before I got married, my girls took me on a little Fling before the Ring in “El Lay.” Here’s what happened. WATCH the VIDEO

Time for a “Throwback”

I found old footage of my adventures at ACL Music Fest 2013. I had this sitting in my video editor for a smooth 3 years. So, it seemed fitting during VEDA (vlog every day in April) that I finally complete the editing and share it with y’all.