Our Trip To PARIS!

BONJOUR! I’m moving to Paris. I can’t speak the language or anything, but I’ve made up my mind. I moving. Goodbye America! I bid you adieu. This is my new favorite city. I know I said I was moving to Amsterdam. Paris changed all that. The best food of my life with the exception of…

Tulum: Year 2 of Marriage

When I was younger, I thought, like many people, the story ends at marriage. Happily ever after. We’re done. Close the book. I thought the goal was to get married. Once you find that perfect person, the one who makes you so happy you can’t breathe, nothing else would matter. Everything falls into place with your true soulmate….

Solo in Savannah

If it wasn’t for the state of Georgia, your girl could probably live in Savannah.


Hey ya’ll! I’m back with another video. This time it’s from our Portland portion of our vacation “baecation”. Portland is Austin’s sister city. Keep Portland Weird was actually taken from Keep Austin Weird. Much like Austin, Portland is your typical granola, kale eating, freshly cold pressed juice sipping, hipster town. We like it.  Also check…

Viva Las Vegas

Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been in Vegas!! I’m back now, and I figured I’d break the rule and share a little of what happened in Vegas. I won’t share it all, but these are exclusive pictures I didn’t post on Instagram. 🙂 Here’s to waking up in Vegas,…